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September 12, 2001
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Associate Hang Thanh Hai gives an international perspective of our first two weeks.

I can not believe that I have passed the second week of living in a country of which this is my first visit. I expected that it would be very difficult for me to survive being born and raised in Vietnam, an Asian country sceptical about the other cultures.

It is not just the culture issue itself. For me it is even more difficult, being married just 5 weeks before landing here and prepared to explore things here for two years. You may have felt pity for me. But you shouldn't have.

I feel completely like I am walking in a country where I am not seen as a stranger. Yes, everything here is new and strange but everything is there for you to try to explore. No one is going to watch your mistakes or misbehaviour critically as long as you could sense and learn for yourself what you should and should not do.

I feel that I am part of the class, an important part of the class. Everyone is so cooperative and encouraging. Each personcould sense how important he or she is to the class. With the effort that one puts in, it always pays back to him or her with something. If it is not about recognition it is going to be a learning experience. If it is not about learning for himself or herself it will be learning for other members of the class.

What I am saying is that we are here, the Asian people, who are willing to share with the class, with the faculty about our experiences and opinions about our region. Lets use it effectively.

I feel that I am significantly equipped with an essential knowledge in our suitcase, and ready to travel along the journey with you. Thank you to the faculty for organizing such a well thought orientation program for us. It helps us plan our approach, strategy and envision our future throughout the trip.

I have to say that I am so greatful for all of the welcomes by nature and by arrangement that everyone of the class, the faculty, and the country have given me.

I am ready, not just for serious study but also for FUN.

Hang Thanh Hai
A Ganesha member

Hang Thanth Hai

Hang Thanth Hai - APMCP YEAR 15