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Mysteries of Vancouver


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By Kaoru Yoshioka

APMCP Year 15 Online

 I am going to raise some mysteries of Vancouver for me.

1.         Why people dress lightly though the temperature is not high enough?

It is obviously cold, not summer yet.  Even if it is summer, temperature is not high enough.  But why some people can be only with T-shirts and short pants?  That makes me feel colder..

2.         Where I can buy wool socks?

I tried to find wool socks in January and February since my toes were always cold.  But I couldnt find it?  Dont people here wear wool socks?  Though I think it is cold in the winter.

3.         Why vegetables and fruits are so big?

What is the difference to grow them up?  How they can be so big?

4.         Why one plate of dish is so big in the restaurant here?

And the volume of one plate is very big.  I cannot often finish one plate.  Is it a good size for you?  Or still big for you, too?  I will guarantee you that youll never get full or bankrupt in Japan.

5.         Why most of people wake up very early in the morning?

People here start to work early in the morning and come home early around 4 pm.  It wont happen in Japan something like breakfast seminar starting from 7:30 in the morning.

6.         Why cars here dont wear snow tire or snow chains during snow?

I know that snow is not that often in Vancouver.  However, you cannot avoid steep roads or hills when you drive anywhere in Vancouver.  It is very dangerous to drive a car without snow tire or chains when it is snowing or the ground is icy. 

7.         Electronic saw??

This is what I have been imaging when I heard the sound upstairs in my home stay.  The sound was big, resounded and shook through the floor.  But it happened quite often.  What my host family continued to make within the house?  Oh, it was not an electronic saw.  It was a vacuum.  Do you also have same kind of vacuum at home?

8.         How to use can opener?

One day I decided to make tuna pasta for my diner since my host family was not at home.  While I boiled water and pasta, I tried to open the tuna can.  It was easy to find out that is the can opener.  However, I could not find out how to use it.  I tried many ways and struggled with can opener for 30 minutes.  Some parts of can were squashed.  But I could not find out.  Finally, I gave up to make tuna pasta.  I made very plain one with salt, pepper and soy source.  Dont worry. Now I know how to use it.

Kaoru Yoshioka