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Thinking as Japanese


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By Kaoru Yoshioka

APMCP Year 15 Online

 Since I joined this program, I find myself thinking about Japan the most in my life.  And it is quite different from what I had before.  This is because I face every day how Japan is seen, from Canadian (North American) perspective, other Asian countries perspective.  When I hear the opinions of other people, I feel so scared, angry, confused, doubtful, and so on.  Wont Japans economy really revive in the future and will Japan descend gradually or suddenly?  Is it so true that the politics in Japan is not democratic?  Is it really only Japan to be blamed because of its colonization in Asia and what it did in the World War?  Is Japanese psychology really so dangerous?  Why is the world so afraid of Japans re-armament, re-aggression, emperor system, and so on.

I may be unacceptably too selfish and arrogant as Japanese, but I rather say that the reason why Japan is always criticized and feared is that Japan was so strong to fight but defeated in the last world war, and it has been enjoying another new strength, which is economy.  It seems to me that people never think about how the environment of world itself has been changed before and during the war and what is the way to show the strongness in the current world.  It used to be the military and colonization power that a country shows its power to the world.  Not only Japan but also other western powers colonized weaker countries in Asia, Africa or South America and did the same thing to the local people.  But now it is economic power.

However, we could say there is one country that is still conducting military power.  It is the United States.  The US deploys its military in other countries even though it is under the mutual agreement and uses its military power to settle the issues or shut out the uprising against the US.  Most of the countries always need to pay their respect to the US and obtain its approval before they make any decisions and take any actions.

Why doesnt the world complain or say no to the US?  It is because the US showed its nuclear power and won the World War and it has economic powers as well.  The world relies so much on the US politically, economically, military.  No country is brave enough to do so.

Kaoru Yoshioka