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The Era of Technophiliacs


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By Umul Imung Hikmah

APMCP Year 15 Online

 Almost thirty years ago when more than half of the universe hardly touched by the state of the art of technology, DR. EF Schumacher an economist, journalist- had already send a signal of concern.  In part of his book Small is Beautiful he talked about a concept of technology with human face.  He believes that it is possible to re-direct technological development to the real need of human being.  Had he seen what is happening now with the technology, he might have proud of it, or cry for it.

The scary part is:  our brain is now located in a box called computer.  The only thing we have left in our brain is a manual on how to operate the computer and accessing the file. Our younger generation will hardly experience the smell of flowers and the warmness of friendship. All they know is the noise of MIDI playing in their machine.  The only friendship they know will be virtual friendship they find through the net.  The word of sympathy, empathy, feeling, sad, happy, will be deleted from dictionary.  Emotional Intelligent is something rarely found in any of human being of those generations.  It replaced by artificial intelligent.  People will have no clue as to solve the simplest problem concerning human relations.  Its the world of cyber!

Too bad there is no place yet for a middle class who are aware that technology is not the master of our life, but still want to use it as their tools.  They could try, but all they will find is a frustation.  Why?  Because in that era, if you borrow what Frank Schirrmacher said in his writing Wake-Up Call for Europe Tech (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung 2000 )- blink, you will miss something.  There are only two choices:  become a hermit, live in the mountain, ignore whatever happens in the outside of your world.  Or go with the flow, and get ready to be a technophilliac.

Umul Imung Hikmah