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Brand: A Complete Fallacy?


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By Umul Imung Hikmah

APMCP Year 15 Online

Nope, probably no, if one believes that brand is different than logo, if one believes that brand is an entity that associated with a personality of the product, company, organization, or even a person.  Every one of us carries our own brand whether we realize or not.  It is how people or product or organization being differentiated and made unique in their own way.

Marketing and PR people are smartly using  Abraham Maslow a founder of humanistic psychology- theory of human needs pyramid, which put the needs of recognition, respects, and connection at the top together with other complex needs.  So it is not really about the product, then.  Most importantly is how people perceived the brand, value added of the product; the experience and the pride of using and consuming a product; the feeling of being connected; and the desire of being recognized.  Do we all realize about it?  Yes, we do, at least I do.  But look at all advertising everywhere! It is shaping the trend, offering us the comfort of lifestyle, luxury, comfort, enjoyment, and experience.  How could we say no to such a thing when we have all of our basic survival needs fulfilled?  What could we ask for more? 

Take an example of one unique and distinct brand name FCUK, a fashion brand made by French Connection (mind you the name is also remind us of what people say: excuse my French when they say f*&%$#@).  With this cool name, French Connection increased 20% of their sales.  Are people still buy the T-shirt if FC erase the controversial FCUK name from it?  With no brand stated there, do we still feel the pride and connection when we are wearing it?   Its the same T-shirt though.  Think outside of the T-shirt.  Think outside of brand.  Hmm probably not.  So is brand really a fallacy? or not? 

Umul Imung Hikmah