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Hai Hang Thanh


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An MC from HCMC,
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APMCP Year 15 Online

Eight months passing by so quickly that I couldnt believe that I am in the last month of the academic year of APMCP. However, when looking back at what I have learned I am so proudly about the knowledge that I have now about Asia Pacific. Before coming here, I could hardly speak or even dare to speak about politic, economic issues of my own country. But two weeks ago I was confidently presenting to a group of Canadian intellectual elderly people about my point of view about globalization and anti-globalization and argument was well acknowledged.

 I really value AP Perspective and Eco Geo courses. With these classes I do not just learn about knowledge but also learn about how to learn new things. I believe that my classmates will also agree with me about this. Travel journal, sector analysis, think piece, FEER articles discussion we begin talking about them (from having zero background) by beginning to research. We learn a lot about how to research and how to put together thoughts, arguments to debate for our own points of view.

Stressfulness? We have been through lots of pressure and stress that we all thought that we couldnt go through them, but we eventually pass them all. As being an international manager, one must have multi-tasking skills, and must be able to handle many projects at the same time. Yes, APMCP has trained us this skill.

I recalled the answer from one of the alumni, whom I met before coming here: What I learn most from the APMCP is how to juggle ten different balls up in the air without drop. Now that I can manage 6 or 7 different clients who have number of different projects for me to manage at the same time. Without being trained by APMCP I could never handle my job I now fully understand what she meant.

In brief, APMCP is an intensive program, which one will benefit, much or little depending on how much or little he or she puts in.