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Developed Countries and Migration


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Bu Vidi Soelaksono

APMCP Year 15 Online

There are several factors drive people to migrate around the world, such as the economic, political, and the worst thing famine, and other natural disaster. However if I look at the higher level of migration, I believe that accomplishment factor is also taking a big portion of the worlds migration.  Why?  Because I think there are some correlation between migration and the successfulness of developed countries. Therefore, First I want to analyze whom they are, and then try to look in the migrants perspective of what are some of their consideration in choosing the countries they want to go, how they come, and I will conclude with my final comment on my thought.

Who are they? They are educated, talented, and skillful people who seek for new opportunities and ready to tap new countrys potentials and gain accomplishments of what they performed.

What are their considerations on choosing the countries destinations?

Every year those   immigrants come to the developed nations to work and live in those countries.  In my Asian perspective and some of my own generalization, for Asian people (in the developing countries), the first choice would be the Untied States, as we called the dreamland. We think that the US is a great place to gains opportunities we could not get from Asian countries. Afterwards would be other developed countries such as Canada, Europe, Australia and for the last choices, another develop Asian Countries such as Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan

How do they come? Some of them are coming from educational background, means people used to study abroad and then they look for jobs in those countries afterwards. Other way would be through immigration processes, for example Canada. For people who are having distinctive skill; several years of working experiences in their field and Canadian immigration weigh them as good and potential immigrants. Another way would be the expatriate, means the company in the developed nation hire them to come and do the work in their country.

 Of all the above explanation of who, how and what countries the migrants have chosen, my final thought is that the developed nations really have the good position in gaining first class people from the developing countries to come, work, and contribute to the further success of these countries. From this phenomenon, I believe that the more develop the nation, the easier they are in attracting new migrant to come.

Vidi Soelaksono